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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

CMRIT .Bangalore

CMRIT is set up in order to meet the rapid growing need of I.T. Professionals. The broad objectives of CMRIT is to impart quality education and help students to develop creative thinking, analytical ability and to acquire managerial techniques both in practical fields as well in academics.At CMRIT, we have highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty, state of the art infrastructure which enables students to meet the varied challenging requirements.Affiliated to Visveswaraiah Technological University Approved by AICTE New DelhiRecognised by Government of Karnataka

F.A.Q (FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS)The following details are provided for information purpose only and are subject to change by the Principal/ President. Hence for more accurate/updated information, parent and student are requested to contact the Principal's Office in the cmritbgl campus. You can also reach the Principal's office at 28524477. All emails regarding admission are to be directed to The Principal at principal@cmritbgl.cmredu.com .
Applications can be downloaded from http://www.cmredu.com/ForApplications.aspx .
1. What do visitors think about CMR Institute of Technology?
FROM VISITORS BOOK“ You are all doing Wonderful job here for the students.” – Dr. Steve Saddow, Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of South Florida, USA
“ A Great Vision executed perfectly, you have created an environment that holds promise for our student community” - Mr. S. Bhaskaran, Director, PMS, Philips Software Division, Bangalore
“ A great institution. The facilities are excellent. The students are highly motivated. The faculties are enthusiastic. I wish them all success” - Mr. M. Rammohan Rao, Dean, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad
“ I am very much impressed by the computer facilities and the faculty at cmritbgl. I am sure it will be a major Educational Institute in the state in few years” - Mr. Jagadesh Kalki, Microsoft, USA
“I was expecting to see laboratories that were well established. I am amazed as the facilities are outstanding and much better than I had imagined” – Mr. Sutnam Daly, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, University of New Castle
2. Give me the reasons, why I need to choose cmritbgl?
Well Furnished Central Library, class rooms, building and World class laboratories setup
International and online Journals (including IEEE Journals)
High speed leased broadband connectivity from BSNL
SUN Solaris Workstations cluster and world-class computer facilities
Digital Information resources
Transportation across the city
Surrounded by Corporates like GE HealthCare, SAP LABs, General Motors, TCS, Tyco Electronics, International Technology Park
Excellent Placement records
Excellent teaching from subject experts
Impact of cmritbglians brand in terms of projects and performance in Corporate circle
Highest growth rate of the institute in terms of reputation, infrastructure, academic records, achievement and service of excellence in Karnataka state
Demand for Engineers and Managers
Above all, Bangalore weather
3. Name few companies, which do campus recruitment for cmritbglians on regular basis.Infosys, TCS, Satyam, IFlex Solutions, Huawei Technologies, Google, SCT sungard, Axes Technologies, Progeon, TATA Elxi, HP, ACCORD, MPHASIS, TATA Infotech, SASKEN, ICS, Caritor, Sonata software, HCL, Reliance, Orane, Elvista, Torry Harris
1. What kind of Courses are being offered at cmritbgl?
Undergraduate studies (students intake)Computer Science (120)BioTechnology (30)Electronics and Communication Engg. (120)Information Science (60)Telecommunication Engg. (60)Electrical and Electronics Engg. (60)Post graduate studies (students intake)Master of Business Administration (120)M.Tech in CSE (18)M.Tech in ECE (18)
2. What Kind of Projects students do at cmritbgl?
Located at the IT Corridor, cmritbgl always encourage students with its stronger relation with Industries. Students normally carry out projects in the area of software Engineering, Telecommunications, RF Engineering, VLSI, Algorithms in Engineering Applications, Biotechnology and more. student projects are done in colloboration with companies like SASKEN, TCS, GE, WIPRO, NAL, HAL, DRDO, ISRO, LRD, Infosys, BEML, UNISOFT, ABB, TYCO Electronics, Honeywell Automation, TATA indicom, Subex systems and More. For more details on projects, please visit the Campus and contact respective department Heads.
3. What kind of lab facilities are available at cmritbgl?
VLSI Laboratory
Upstream and downstream processing Laboratories
Enzyme technology & Biochemistry Laboratories
Biokinetics and Bioprocessing control Laboratory
Fermentation technology & Unit Operations
Momentum Transfer Laboratory
Advanced Communication Laboratory
ABB – Relays Testing Laboratory
High Voltage Laboratory
Machines Laboratory
Control Systems Laboratory
Simulation and Modeling Laboratory
DSP and embedded systems Laboratory
ONE Mega Bits per second internet connectivity (leased line) 450 Computer Terminals Hardware specification: PIV 2.8 GHz, 1.7 GHz, SUN SPARC, SUN Blade Workstations 400 Computer terminals on LAN/WAN Softwares: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows (98, 2000 Prof, XP), MS 2003 Server, MS SQL Server (Enterprise Edition), MS .net (Enterprise Edition), Turbo C++, Red Hat Linux, Fedora Linux, Suse Linux, IBM DB2, IBM Websphere, CAD/CAM, Norton Anti virus, Lab VIEW, J2EE Platform, TANNER EDA(VLSI), XILINIX web package (VLSI), MS Visual Studio (Academic), MS Frontpage, MS publisher, MS web publishing package, MS Windows Terminal Services, MS Visio, MS Encarta reference Library, MS Core CAL, MS Project, Uninterrupted Power supply to Servers and Labs .
For more details, please visit the Campus and contact respective department Heads to know more about the department and courses.
4. Which companies visit our campus?Please visit http://cmritbgl.cmredu.com/Placement.aspx .
5. Do students be given counselling for higher studies and career prospects?That's where cmritbgl stands special. Excellent counseling for students is provided by the dedicated team of Placement and Career counseling Bureau for their career prospects. Counseling on higher studies opportunities and professional career is done in one-to-one basis at Career guidance and placement bureau. This helps in our students getting admission with assistantship in top ranking universities like univ. of southern California (Centre for Robotic research), Univevrsity of South Florida (Nano SiC research centre) and MIT.
6. What research activities are being carried out by cmritbgl Faculty?cmritbgl faculty pursue the research topics like Embedding Index of a ladder, Signed graphs on special graphs, Optimization of parameters for citric acid fermentation using saw dust as a raw material, Photocatalytic degradation of hazardous organic phosphate pesticides using semiconductor particles as catalysts, Study of Metric Radio emission from sun, Application of ICA algorithm in Wireless Communication systems, Analog DFT, RF Components design of Ultrawideband systems, Linear and Non linear Convection of visco elastic fluids by using power law with and without porous media, The theory of domination in graphs and related topics and more…7. What platforms are available for cmritbglians to nurture their personality and other skills?CULTURA – inter college cultural festival, SPORTS DAY – inter college, Jnanadhara – Quarterly Journal, CISA – Association for computer Engineers, ETA – Association for Electronics Engineers, Bio technology students association and FEE – Association for Electrical Engineers, IEEE Students chapter, ISTE Chapter and N.S.S are available for students to nurture their multi dimensional growth.

GENERAL1. Can we change the branch later ?Ans: Yes - if there is a vacancy and the change will be given purely on merit.2. What is normally the vacation period?Ans: August - at the end of even semester and February - at the end of odd semester.3. What is the college timing?Ans: 8.00 am to 3.30 pm4. Does college has canteen facility?Ans: Yes.5. What sports students can play?Ans: Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Shuttle badminton, Carom, Chess and Table tennis.6. Library is open upto what time?Ans: up to 10.00 pm.7. How many books are issued to a student?Ans: 2 books for 15 days.8. What is the scope of each course?Ans: Please contact respective Department Heads at the college premises to know more about the department and scope of the particular course.9. How is the placement?Ans: 2004 - 100%2005 - 90%2006 - Already 40% over.2007 - Approx. 120 students so far.
10. What are the companies visiting the college?Ans: Please contact Placement Bureau at the college premises or visit http://cmritbgl.cmredu.com/Placement.aspx .
11. How is teaching?Ans: Excellent. You are always welcome to visit the campus to know the infrastructure and teaching provided.12. Do you provide additional skills?Ans: Yes, we provide in the areas of soft skills as well as technical skills development.13. How often do you report the progress of a student?Ans: Once every semester. But if you give email ID, we will send the report after every internal test. email ID of a parent).14. Is there any Dress code?Ans: Yes - formal without exposure.No long hairs.No colouring of hairs.No dropping pants.No sleeveless blouse.No Chappals.No ear rings for boys.15. Do you give scholarships?Ans: Yes - Merit cum Mean basis.16. How much is the college fees? Can we pay college fees semester wise?Ans: No, college fees will not be collected semester wise.17. What is the cut off rank last year during CET counseling and COMEDK.Ans: COMED K - 7000 rank and General Merit through CET – 5000 rank18. How many Professors, Asst. Professors?Ans: Presently we have 8 Professors and 41 Assistant Professors as on 30th May 2006.19. How many Doctorates & M.Tech holders are there among faculty?Ans: 10 PhD’s and 40 M.Tech / Post Graduates. Please visit respective department page to know more detail.20. Do you have University Rank Holders?Ans: Yes, 8th Rank in Telecommunication and 4th Rank in MBA during 2005 VTU convocation.21. What is the Rank of the college officially / unofficially?Ans: Unofficially we are at 5th place in Karnataka among those colleges coming under COMEDK.22. What is the fees structure?Ans: Take details from Mrs. Shobha Reddy – Administrator, CMR Trust office or Principal's office, cmritbgl at 28524477.23. How is Internet facility in the college? How many computers?Ans: Yes 2mbps Internet facility through Airtel and in labs, one student is given one computer to work on.TRANSPORT FACILITY1. Is Bus facility available? What is the fees?Ans: Yes, we have bus facility and Rs. 15,000/- per year is the bus fees.2. What are the routes of buses?Ans: Please refer http://cmritbgl.cmredu.com/Facilities.aspx or College Notice board.3. Can we pay bus fees per semester?Ans: No.HOSTEL1. Is hostel facility available? What is the fee?Ans: Yes, hostel facility available for both boys and girls.2. Are rooms single room / twin sharing? Are the rooms have attached toilet or common toilets?Ans: Common3. What all you provide?Ans: One table, one chair, fan, cot, almirah and one extra power point for computer.4. Do we have Internet facility in the hostel?Ans: A proposal to provide WIFI facility is under consideration.5. If a student becomes sick in the hostel - what you will do?Ans: We will take them to hospital, which is close by. Our doctor Dr. Raju Reddy, will be available within 1/2 an hour after a call given.6. What food is given, if the student is sick in hostel?Ans: Bread & Milk.7. In hostel, how many from - Jharkand, Assam, West Bengal, New Delhi, Bihar?Ans: Contact hostel administrator for more information. (Sri. Ramalinga Reddy – 28524477 – Extn 204)8. How room allotment is done? Ans: First come first basis.9. If they go out, what is the latest time they can come to hostel or Do hostel have time restrictions?Ans: Latest by 7.30 pm for both boys and girls.10. If we go on leave other than vacation, do we get Mess concession?Ans: No. Students have to pay 11 months mess bill, even when they go on leave, vacation or unnoticed.11. Do we have Common room, TV?Ans: Yes, we have common room in the hostel.12. How many rooms and capacity of hostel?Ans: Contact hostel administrator for more information. (Mr.Jagadeesh 28524477 – Extn 204)

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